Freedom Coaching - Setting the blind free from darkness

About Freedom Coaching

About Freedom Coaching
Freedom Coaching is a one-on-one mentoring system aimed at helping those with an attraction and compulsion to pornography, with the goal of reclaiming a healthy vision of the body and of sexuality, and thus become innoculated to the enticement of pornographic images.

The effects of pornography on the brain have been well documented as mirroring the effects of a physical drug problem (NOTE: The term to best define the issue of pornography attachment is “compulsion,” not “addiction. For learn why this terminology is important, click here.) The chemicals stirred up in the brain radically affect the way a person sees and interacts with others. The more a person uses pornography, the more it steals their ability to love, incapacitates them from forming bonds of communion with others (cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 2332), and decimates their emotional world, leaving them trapped in guilt and shame.  Anything but harmless, pornography use can damage or destroy relationships, end careers, and shatter dreams.

Countless people attest that trying to overcome the temptation to use pornography involves more than resolutions, will power, and strengthening one’s moral character. In order to get to the root, we must recognize and treat pornography as a drug, intimacy, and vision problem. In addition to making certain lifestyle changes, it requires an intentional process of “rewiring” the brain by seeking out healthy forms of intimacy and learning how to view the body and understand sexuality correctly.

Although Freedom Coaching  uses principles based upon Catholic theology, specifically Saint John Paul the Great’s Theology of the Body, this process is available to everyone regardless of religion. Freedom Coaching is offered by those who have struggled with an attachment or compulsion to pornography in their own lives and are experiencing lasting freedom. They desire to walk alongside others as they pursue the redemption of their vision.

How is Freedom Coaching different from other approaches?
To be clear, things like accountability partners, web filtering software, and regular prayer and confession are all good things in and of themselves in the fight against an attraction or compulsion to pornography. However, as many of those who become hooked on pornography can attest, these techniques don’t solve the problem; often they become mere coping mechanisms, enabling a person to merely get by for a period of time.

The reason most people with an attachment to pornography don’t experience sustained, lasting freedom is they’ve never learned how to attain healthy forms of intimacy. This is only possible through receiving a redeemed view of the human body. While from a Christian theological perspective ultimate perfection and purity of vision will only be attained in heaven, we firmly believe (and have experienced it ourselves) Jesus Christ wants more for us in this life than mere coping mechanisms – “for FREEDOM’S sake Christ has set us free” (Gal 5:1)! His grace can make it possible for men and women to experience a “redeemed vision” in a greater capacity than is typically assumed to be possible.

Freedom Coaching is designed to help clients learn how to see the body correctly, so when pornified images are presented to them, they won’t desire them, because they’ve trained their mind, heart and vision to seek out healthy images of love and intimacy. This redeemed vision, ultimately attained by receiving the grace of God, will break the chains of pornography attachment and satisfy one’s deepest heart’s desire.

How does Freedom Coaching work?
Freedom Coaching works by integrating science, Catholic theology, and a one-on-one mentoring relationship, introducing a person to healthy forms of intimacy and a new way of seeing the body and sexuality. Freedom Coaching aims at setting clients free from the blindness of our pornified culture and replacing the darkness of a clouded view of the body with the light of the truth and meaning of human sexuality.

How long is the Freedom Coaching process?
In a relatively short period of time (usually between 8-13 meetings), clients will acquire the tools necessary to break the power of pornified images. Each session is between 50-60 minutes. A Freedom Coach will meet either in person or via face-to-face video chat online. Because each person is unique, each coaching period is individually crafted with the goal of meeting the needs of each client.

Is Freedom Coaching for me?
Freedom Coaching is designed specifically for those who have tried “everything” but still can’t break the chains of pornography compulsion. Freedom Coaching is not for everyone, for some people are not ready to let go of their attraction to pornified images. To ensure clients are committed to the process and serious about ending their relationship with pornography, there is a financial cost per session (based on a sliding scale). Other programs may have resources for free but often they don’t get to the root, solving the problem of attraction to pornified images. Freedom Coaching humbly proclaims a way to not just deal with temptation to lust, but to break the power of pornified images forever.

Some key questions to determine if Freedom Coaching is right for you:

  • Do you find pornography use creates an obstacle to true intimacy with your spouse and/or with others?
  • Do you see pornography as hindering your spiritual life and your self-esteem?
  • Do you find yourself turning to pornography in times of stress instead of healthy outlets?
  •  Is pornography attraction affecting the way you treat and see others?
  • Do you desire to be free from the lure of pornography?
  • Are you willing to do whatever it takes?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” Freedom Coaching can radically transform your life. Are you ready to be set free?

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