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In addition to one-on-one mentoring, Freedom Coach Steve Pokorny is available to speak to your church, school, or community group on the following topics:

The Meaning of Masculinity
What does it mean to be a man? So many solutions offered by the secular world fail to satisfy the deepest longings of the masculine soul.  It is easy to misunderstand how we, as men, are to relate to the world, especially in relation to the opposite sex. By uncovering God’s plan for our lives, we can reclaim the original intention for our lives. This plan is written right into our sexuality. This powerful presentation will help you to be transformed and to live out your life as a gift to others.

The Meaning of Femininity
What does it mean to be a woman? So many images that our culture promotes fail to reveal the full glory of a woman’s dignity. These confusing notions often leave women lost, causing mistrust of others (especially of God and men). By unpacking what is meant by the “feminine genius,” women can begin to reclaim their intrinsic dignity as beloved daughters of God and learn how to receive the love that every woman deserves.

10 Principles to Successful Love Life
So many people are looking for love in all the wrong places, but can’t seem to find what they’re looking for. The reason is they don’t realize what love is, or how to attain it in a fulfilling way. Learn 10 essential principles that will enable you to have a “love story” that will last all the days of your life…and beyond.

Recovering the Meaning of Life
Looking around at our culture, it seems no one really knows what can truly satisfy their deepest desires. It’s no wonder, when critical human relationships are undergoing radical redefinitions that are leaving them meaningless. Without a recovery of meaning, our very lives will quickly become meaningless, and in turn, hopeless. But there is hope! Through the recovery of genuine meaning about 5 essential realities that matter most, we’ll discover a beautiful plan for life and love that will quench our deepest thirsts.

Introduction to The Theology of the Body Seminar
This four-part series presents the Good News of Jesus Christ in a way unknown to most Christians. God has designed us to experience true love, yet often because of misunderstanding the meaning of our bodies, we are filled with emptiness and pain. By walking through God’s glorious vision of the human person, we can be healed and reclaim the glory that Jesus Christ came to give us.

Speaker fees apply. Contact Steve Pokorny for more information.